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School Safety

Course for School Safety Officers (SSO)

Basic Requirements

  • Obtain a License to Carry through the State of Texas prior to taking this course.  Please see our page on LTC Courses to obtain this license

  • Be a full time employee of a school district or open enrollment charter school

  • Have the approval of the school district prior to taking this course

What to Expect

  • 16 hours of state required class room training

  • Pre qualification exam at the beginning of class

  • Range qualification at the beginning of class with a .32 caliber or greater

  • 5 practical exercises after classroom training

  • Final written exam

  • Final range qualification with a .32 caliber or greater

What to Bring

  • 250 rounds of ammo *No reloads (factory purchased ammo only)

  • Your weapon - .32 or greater caliber 

  • Hearing and eye protection


  • $250 per person, with a maximum 6 students in a class

  • Range fee (varies by location)

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